Coffee Time (ten to ten ten), bronze, 1/1, 2009
AES Gallery in cooperation with Modern Art Foundry and RT Restorations is pleased to announce its 2009 seasonal exhibition: In Time For The Holidays. Don't miss out on your opportunity to purchase artwork priced for our economy challenged times. Buy artwork for family, friends, and even yourself. Embrace the future and warm your soul.
A spirited reception will be held Thursday December 17, 6- 8 PM. In Time For The Holidays will be open December 3 through December 29, 2009. Hours are 11 AM to 5 PM, Tuesday through Saturday.
In Time For The Holidays features works created by MAF Designs (J. Spring and the staff at Modern Art Foundry), Shay Rieger, Dick Shanley, Cynthia Corazzi, Seena Donneson, Patricia Bradshaw, Lauren Savoia, and others. AES Gallery encourages you to add a new piece of artwork to your collection: a powerful personality statement for the New Year.

If you can't make the show, visit our Internet store:
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AES Gallery
44-02 23rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: 718-249-9359
Email: GalleryAES@aol.com

Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 11- 5 pm or by appointment
Directions: Trains N - W to Queensboro Plaza. #7 train to 45th Rd- Court House
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23rd St - Ely Ave . Three blocks south of the 59th Street Bridge in LIC.

This exhibition is presented by Modern Art Foundry and RT Restorations:
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Mr. Lincoln & Mr. Klingenstein
Mr. Tom Klingenstein has been interested and fascinated with the life and death of Mr. Abraham Lincoln for many years. Recently Tom's original play "Mr. Lincoln" debuted at the New York Historical Society during their exhibition Lincoln and New York. Tom's play dramatizes a fictional meeting in 1906 between a former slave and a New York society matron, who reminisce about Abraham Lincoln's visit to NYC in 1860 to deliver his epoch-making address at The Cooper Union. It is a bittersweet tale and celebration of the power of Mr. Lincoln.
Tom's earnest pursuit of all things Lincoln also led him to discover an over life size plaster cast of Abraham Lincoln installed at the Spring Gallery in Belgrade Lakes Maine. This was a few summers ago and Tom inquired about purchasing this work. Since the gallery was not in a position to sell, we arranged a meeting between Tom and artist Anatoly S. Mikhailov suggesting that Tom commission his own Lincoln cast. Tom did just that and hired Anatoly to model a standing Lincoln sculpture based on the one he'd seen at Spring Gallery. A short time later a finished plaster cast with black patina was completed and installed at his residence. While most of us are familiar with the more traditional presidential images of Lincoln, this work is Lincoln younger, head bowed, beardless, brooding, realistic and modern.
Tom hopes to cast a bronze of his Lincoln sculpture in the near future. He will present it to an academic center of a close friend who is also a Lincoln scholar.


Mr. Lincoln, plaster, 2009 artist Anatoly S. Mikhailov



Maintenance & Conservation
Outdoor Bronze Sculpture

The history of outdoor bronze sculpture care is varied and at times controversial. Today the majority of preventative maintenance providers agree that the recommended program is cleaning and waxing of outdoor bronze sculpture two treatments per year. Certainly environmental concerns may require alternative treatment strategies and budgetary issues often hinder a clear plan.
Modern Art Foundry continues to encourage on going efforts of preventative care for bronze sculpture. Sculpture maintenance programs should be developed to allow for cost effective treatment, at all levels of ownership. These services should focus on extending the life of the object, reducing the risk of loss, and helping to prevent the need for future, often costly, large scale conservation needs.
Ultimately it is the owner of any given work of art who is its caretaker. Caring for bronze sculpture includes addressing both short and long term concerns, monitoring changes in condition and/or environment, managing personnel, materials and equipment required to provide proper care, and to preserve what exists at a minimum.
For many years Modern Art Foundry has been to cities throughout the east coast, from Suffolk Virginia to Old Town Maine, caring for sculpture year round. We continue to focus on appropriate and acceptable practices in the care of public and privately owned sculpture. We look to collaborate with other professionals as needed. For further information contact us at 718-728-2030 or info@modernartfoundry.com.




Educational Outreach
Affordable Art Fair


Since 2004 Modern Art Foundry has been providing educational information at the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) in New York City. Along with our display and video explaining the lost wax casting process, we present demonstrations on topics such as sculpture modeling, creating life molds, and bronze sculpture maintenance.
The Affordable Art Fair engages collectors each year with hundreds of galleries presenting fine art in all mediums with the majority of works costing less than $5,000.00. Details for the 2010 AAF will be available soon and we will share them with you. To learn more about AAF visit www.aafnyc.com.
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