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"Between Heaven and Earth"
Jacques Lipchitz (1891-1973)
Rededication Sunday October 20, 2013
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York


On a sunny, seasonably warm Sunday afternoon along the Hudson River in front of Village Hall & the Hastings Public Library, Bob Spring was invited to speak at the rededication of the Jacques Lipchitz sculpture "Between Heaven and Earth." Organized by the Hastings Village Art Commission, Hastings Public Library, Hastings Historical Society, RiverArts (formally Hastings Creative Arts Council) and Blue Door Art Center, the event offered a tribute to Mr. Lipchitz and his 11 foot' sculpture.


The organizing committee believed Bob Spring to be a good choice as one of the invited dignitaries, because for more than two decades Mr. Lipchitz cast many of his works at Modern Art Foundry in Astoria-Queens. Bob spent time with Mr. Lipchitz throughout the foundry process and extensively in the finishing and patina departments. In addition, Mr. Lipchitz would invite Bob to his studio to pick up models and view new works. At the rededication, Bob expressed his deep admiration and fondness for Mr. Lipchitz and shared a few stories. Bob spoke to the crowd of over one hundred about Mr. Varian Fry. That Mr. Fry's efforts during the Nazi occupation of France allowed Mr. Lipchitz and other artists to escape Europe. Bob believes that without Mr. Fry we may never have been fortunate to know Mr. Lipchitz so well and share in the gift of his talents.

Lipchitz eventually settled in Hastings-on-Hudson in 1949, and built his studio there in 1953. The Hastings Historical Society lists him on their famous resident's page at www.hastingshistorical.org. He gave as a gift his sculpture "Between Heaven and Earth," which was dedicated on May 7, 1967. Absent from the dedication was any formal recognition of the relationship between Lipchitz, the town, and the sculpture. After forty years, an effort was organized and now a descriptive bronze plaque shares with all, this most important story. In addition, the pedestal was restored and this rededication confirmed the significance of this monumental sculpture.

The event was followed by a reception with a number of guests gaining Bob's attention for additional stories. It was a very special day and we thank the organizing committee for including Bob Spring.

Lipchitz, "Between Heaven and Earth", 11' High

Pascale Gallais

Early in 2001 Pascale Gallais visited Modern Art Foundry to see if we could cast a few of her small sculptures. Since that time, we have continued to cast her work and developed a studio foundry relationship that has allowed Pascale to create and model dozens of works here at the foundry.

Born in Paris in 1958, Pascale spent time in Athens, and then moved to London for much of her childhood and education. She moved on to study graphic design in Paris, as well as, Trompe lĠOeil in Brussels. In 1989, she moved to NYC and began to explore her interest in sculpture at The Sculpture Center when it was located in the Upper East Side of NYC. Her design background, as well as her like for industrial design and architecture, influenced her initial works and she produced functional objects like candlestick holders, lamp stands, door handles, and book ends.

She became captivated with our facility and the activity of our daily operations. Being here has allowed her time to speak with other sculptors, speak to Bob Spring about his experiences working with sculptors, and witnessing the work we do has inspired her. Her figurative sculpture expressions explore both joy and sorrow, and invite balance and harmony.

The majority of her work is in private collections in New York City and London, and on occasion, she will exhibit in a gallery or art fair.

Conservation & Maintenance Services

Private and public collections often require the services of an art conservator. Paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and glass are just some of the objects/items that may need a conservator. Modern Art Foundry specializes in the conservation and maintenance of cast bronze sculpture. While this is an important specialty, it is just a small part of the field of conservation. Conservation is a measured and deliberative field because treatment choices can alter an object forever and change its history "in your hand." Respected professional conservators will be honest in their approach, in that if the request is outside their specialty they will acknowledge this and if possible lead you to another professional or refer you to The American Institute of Conservation. This organization offers advice on finding a conservator who can best help you care for the objects needing attention. Once the right person or company is found, then a step-by-step process will be reviewed in how to handle your conservation needs. For more information, contact Modern Art Foundry.

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Dick Shanley, "Figure in Movement"

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Published by Modern Art Foundry / VOLUME 28, NUMBER 1, 2013
Serving Artists and Communities Since 1932

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