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On July 10, 2012, MAF celebrated its 80th year in the fine art casting business.
Joining us was old and new friends and family. Thanks to everyone for the gifts!

Artist/Foundry Spotlight - Anatoly S. Mikhailov

Anatoly Mikhailov was born on January 2, 1951 in Russia. Throughout his youth, he had a strong interest in fine arts and dedicated his life to it. He graduated from the National Academy of Art in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg in 1991. He studied a wide range of subjects including sculpture, drawing, anatomy, perspective, architecture, philosophy, and the history of fine art. He received a master's degree in sculpture and drawing.
″Dancing Amazon″ (20 x 3.5 x 5 inches)
″Thrower″ (11 x 18.5 x 3.5 inches)
″American Revolutionary Soldier″ (8 feet high)
After graduation, he participated in numerous exhibitions at major galleries in Leningrad. Those experiences motivated him to learn more about different cultures and to be able to work freely. He then accepted an opportunity to come and work in the United States. He has been living in New York since 1989, and works from his studio in Brooklyn.
As a professional sculptor, Anatoly has completed numerous public commissions ranging from world leaders to famous figures and countless portraiture. He’s done a series of busts for Thomas Edison Depot Museum in MI; Sports Hall of Fame in FL; figures for Caesar’s Casino in Atlantic City, NJ and Las Vegas, NV; and animal sculptures for Florida Zoo, FL, to name a few. He carries forward a tradition established many years ago that empowers and calls on artists to honor the world around them. Additional work of Anatoly's can be viewed at: amcreativeart.com.

Augustus Saint Gaudens
The Shaw Memorial

In 1998, just over 100 years after the dedication of the first casting, Modern Art Foundry completed the bronze casting of the second edition of the Robert Shaw Memorial. Augustus Saint Gaudens grand memorial dedicated in 1897 on the corner of Beacon and Park streets in Boston, Massachusetts, is a detailed high relief measuring 17 feet high by 12 feet wide. It is a memorial to the Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry; a unit of solely black soldiers during The Civil War led by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, a white officer. The story of Shaw and his Regiment is famously shared in the movie Glory, starring Mathew Broderick, and Denzel Washington.

For many years, the plaster model was on exhibition at the Saint Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, NH. ″Many artists would escape the cities of New York and Boston in the summer, taking trains to New Hampshire and Maine,″ explained Bob Spring, president of Modern Art Foundry in a recent interview reviewing Modern Art Foundry’s participation in the second casting of The Shaw Memorial. Bob continued, ″My son Jeffrey and I were asked to visit the site and provide an estimate to cast this work so that the plaster could be moved and placed on permanent display at The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. The second bronze casting would replace the plaster in Cornish. We were excited at the possibility of casting this very famous work. We had already completed posthumous castings for the Saint Gaudens Foundation including a second cast of Admiral Farragut. The Foundation used that opportunity to create a movie Wax Blood Bronze Skin (1995), which followed the production of Farragut through our facility.″ This second cast of The Shaw Memorial was a complex project involving the Foundation, National Parks Service, and The Smithsonian Institute. Further, another company was hired to dismantle the work and provide the sections to a mold maker in Boston. The rubber molds were shipped to us and we began making waxes for castings, finishing, and patina. Once complete and approved it was delivered to Cornish for installation.
Bob told us, ″This is truly one of the finest sculptures we have ever worked on. So much expressive detail. Shaw on top of his horse is modeled fully in the round and then each level of soldier goes from low relief to high relief. The border is like jewelry work and in the background above the regiment is the angel of death.″ The complexity certainly provided us casting and finishing challenges, which we took on with a great pride in that we were duplicating a national historic treasure.
Many know the story of Shaw. At an important time in the effort to hold the United States of America together, a decision was made to allow black soldiers to serve in battle led by white officers. This was a controversial decision and the southern army made it clear that the tradition of officer burials would not be honored for these white officers. Shaw was killed with a bullet to the heart while leading his regiment in the battle to take Fort Wagner (Charleston, SC) in 1863. He was buried in a mass grave with his regiment.
Augustus Saint Gaudens was awarded this commission in 1884, twenty years after Shaw's death and would take more than twelve years to complete. He searched high and low to find black men who were willing to serve as models. His execution of this work many would say is flawless, and a great American monument.
Saint Gaudens died in 1907 having completed so many works including The Farragut Monument, 1879-80, of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut (New York City, Madison Square Park); Abraham Lincoln (The Standing Lincoln), 1887, (Chicago, Lincoln Park); The Adams Memorial, 1890-91, (Washington, D.C., Rock Creek Cemetery); General William Tecumseh Sherman (New York City, Grand Army Plaza), and many others.

Conservation & Maintenance Services
Conservation & Maintenance Services Modern Art Foundry continues to offer Conservation and Maintenance Services. These include annual maintenance programs and restoration work on sculpture damaged by recent storms. If you would like more information, contact us at info@modernartfoundry.com and send along an image. You can also reach us be phone: 718 728 2030.

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Published by Modern Art Foundry / VOLUME 27, NUMBER 1, 2012
Serving Artists and Communities Since 1932

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