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In most cases, bronze sculpture installed outdoors requires a maintenance and conservation treatment plan. Often this is annual cleaning and protective waxing to preserve the patina, the metal, and allow the cast to age consistently. Today it is generally accepted that environmental factors such as pollution, rain, snow, other elements of neglect, and vandalism can diminish and harm both the short and long-term stability of outdoor bronze sculpture.

Many years ago, we created our Maintenance and Conservation Services to assist collectors of bronze sculpture. When called upon, we begin with an evaluation of the work and its surroundings, and work to determine the best approach to its care.

We encourage on going efforts to develop sculpture maintenance programs that allow for cost effective treatment. These services focus on extending the life of the object, reducing the risk of loss, and helping to prevent the need for large-scale costly conservation needs. Caring for bronze sculpture includes addressing both short and long-term concerns, monitoring changes in condition and/or environment, managing personnel, materials and equipment required to provide proper care.

For many years, Modern Art Foundry has been to cities throughout the east coast, from Suffolk Virginia to Old Town Maine, caring for sculpture year round. We continue to focus on appropriate and acceptable practices. We look to collaborate with other professionals as needed.

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