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All sculpture must be protected, both indoor and especially outdoor installations. In fact, all sculpture should have a continuing maintenance program in order to preserve the original metal finish and patina. Unfortunately, until recently most people didn't realize that neglect, environmental pollution, vandalism, and even toxic fumes can take a devastating toll.

Many years ago, we created our Maintenance and Conservation Service to provide assistance to the museums, parks departments, and collectors who asked for professional help. At first, we worked locally restoring and repairing monuments in Central Park, the United Nations, and the World's Fair grounds. Within five years we were repairing and maintaining all kinds of sculpture all over the country in a wide variety of locations.

Today, because of our foundry knowledge of metals and their unique problems, we have developed our own repair and restoration methods that are specifically designed for each problem. Outdoor monuments require different treatment than indoor pieces, and both should only be restored by an experienced art foundry. Over the years, we've repaired, restored, and repatinated works by Archipenko, Remington, Moore, Miro, Ernst, Giacommetti, Bourgeois, Lachaise, Tiffany - and many other important sculptors. In addition, our regular maintenance programs continue to preserve sculpture and save them from extensive, and often costly, restoration in the future. Our work is often coordinated with recognized conservators and meets today's accepted conservation standards and practices.

Civil War Eagle

General Shepard Monument

The discus thrower

The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art

Spanish American
War Memorial

Civil War Soldiers Monument

Greenfield War Memorial

Battery Park City

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